“You’ve Got The Part” is a division of its Global Universal Film Group subsidiary.

“You’ve Got The Part” allows people to submit audition videos online in an audition contest for a chance to win a role in a film.

There are 8 levels, which include 7 elimination levels.

Level 1, entry level, is limited to August 31, 2011 or 10,000 videos, whichever comes first.

Level 2 will eliminate entrants down to 5,000.

Level 3 will eliminate entrants down to 2,500.

Level 4 will eliminate entrants down to 1,250 – this is the judging level; the last level you can use a ‘cut in line’ entry.

Level 5 will eliminate entrants down to 250.

Level 6 will eliminate entrants down to 50.

Level 7 will eliminate entrants down to the final 10 that will be flown out to Hollywood.

Level 8 will announce the two final winners who will have a role in the Mr. Pink movie.

The top 10 finalist will receive a live audition! We’ll pick you up, put you up, and let you do your thing in front of the director himself. You WOW the director; you win yourself a part in the movie. Simple as that!

Now getting to the top 10 is where the twists come in. Do you remember “Cuts” in your middle school lunch line? Well remember how it might cost you your desert? Well, we have several levels of elimination. If the line looks too long for you, you can buy a “cut in line”. Also, there are votes by your peers. If you don’t think you got a fare shake or enough votes, you can cut in line, past that level of screening.

If 10,000 people submit audition tapes for free. 5,000 will make it to the 2ndround, or you can buy a line cut for $1.00 and be one of the 5,000.

2500 will make it to round 3. Or for an additional $5.00 you can be in the top 2500.

1250 will make it to round 4. Or for an additional $25.00 you can be guaranteed to be in the top 1250.

Now, if you think you have talent and want to go straight to level 4 and be one of the 1250 that will start to be screened by the actual judges, pay $31 ($1 + $5 + $25) and cut in line all the way to level 4. This is a small sum of money, compared to moving to Hollywood to try out for the film. So, if you want to make it to the judges and do not wish to be one of the faces in the stadium full of people, so to speak, just “cut in line”. It also gives an option to the argument about just getting lost in the Hollywood crowd, via submitting a head shot that may get tossed in the trash. No costly head shots, no mailing envelopes or stamps, no expensive air fare or hotel rooms….just you and your camera auditioning for the website: WWW.YOUVEGOTTHEPART.COM . You just may be the next Hollywood discovery.