+What’s going on?

This is a once in a lifetime chance, to be seen and possibly appear NOT just in a Hollywood movie, but YOU will be seen World Wide by casting directors, directors, and producers who are casting OTHER films!

How do you get discovered? By getting yourself out there for the World to view, vote and to Hollywood victory!

Good luck!

+How many parts are up for grabs?

One male and one female for each movie. You never know how you might get that big break.

+How do I audition?

Glad you asked. It’s as easy as 1,2, 3.

1. Get your phone, webcam, or camera ready.
2. Tape yourself reading the lines provided.
3. Upload the video to Youtube and submit it and the rest is film history. **The title of your video must include: You’ve Got The Part – (Movie Name) Video Audition. Also, make sure your video is marked to allow voting on it through Youtube.

After you do those steps above, make sure to fill in the contest form for the movie you want to audition for.

+Who votes?
You, your buddy, your boyfriend. your girlfriend, your parents, anyone.

+How do I vote?
You can vote on any submission.

+How is the part chosen?

The 10 finalists (5 gentlemen & 5 ladies) will be flown out to Hollywood on one of our sponsored airlines. We’ll pick you up, put you up, and let you do your thing in front of the director himself. He/She will work with and audition each of the final 10 contestants. You wow the director, you win yourself a part in his movie. Simple as that.

For everyone’s viewing pleasure, we’ll record the final auditions and let the world know what went down. Thespians take note: It’ll be playtime on a big, big stage.

How long will the final 10 be in California?
Three to ten days and we won’t know until probably two weeks prior!

+How can I find funny/awesome/cool/terrible/different videos?

Glad you asked. The site is changing constantly. All auditions are submitted by participants to YouTube and required to have the subject title: You’ve Got The Part: (name of movie) Video Audition.

+Will there be only one movie ever cast on this site?
Negative. Once we have cast these roles, we’ll begin casting for our next project. Which movie? What are the roles? Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know.

+Terms of pay for the project if selected?
It really depends on what role a person would be chosen for. SAG minimum is about five hundred for the day, and a weekly rate is about four grand, IF THE PERSON IS CAST that is…”

+What if the video has technical problems?
You should make sure your video is in full working order BEFORE you submit it to You’ve Got The Part. We realize there may be some issues that your video runs into and you might not notice a technical problem right away, so you may contact us to have your video link changed, but only for technical difficulties.”